Lifecycle-sme was founded and established in January 2012 by Mr. A. A Sise, a Graduated SAP Business Intelligence Consultant & Diploma Journalist. LFCEE is a IT-Research and Development Datacenter (Multi-channel Service) for Storage Solutions, Cloud Computing, innovations and SAP BI managements to explore on Grid Middleware and service oriented Architectures, Systems and Resource Control (trust, security and privacy).

We fully exploit these capabilities from commercial and business aspects involving economical , Social Networking Concerns and cloud provisioning. The Company is seeking for Future Value Creation in Research infrastructures, networking, software and content, through joint, collaborative efforts between existing resource owners and the public, as well as non-public research bodies, e.g. Public-private Partnerships or research communities building up on public e-infrastructures.

Our aim is to turn knowledge, skills and competencies into sustainable competitive advantages to economic performance as well as to manage the many different types of cloud Applications by Providing “Platform as a service” (PaaS) model to supply developers with a cloud-based environment for developing applications by providing useful building units as well as ”Software as a service” (SaaS) which is another type of cloud configuration to hosts applications and run them from Enterprise resources planning (ERP) tools.

Address LFCEE Datacenter for Solutions Research and Small Business Innovations

Derendorferstrasse 89 -
40479 Duesseldorf

Phone 0211 - 5008753
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SAP Business Intelligence Consultant Astmann Sise
Email managements@lifecycle-sme.eu

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