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Lifecycle-sme has made it easier than ever to view, share and send information wherever you may find yourself. We are enriched with features that enable Journalists, News Collectors and Jobseekers to freely Download SAP Hot News, Business Intelligence updates & Job openings as well as all the very latest contracts free of charge to your Smartphone..

Lifecycle-sme is determined to improve efficiency, increase reliability and quality of service, and simplify various operations. We provide you with all the popular Tools to Leverage Cloud Technology and its Latest Media Software Kits so that you won’t be missing out. Come on Board and start Collecting the Latest Business intelligence updates, Job opportunities and directly create your Profile online or just get in touch with us on our Portal.

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Companies can Simply Find and Charter the Right Professionals with Mechanized Recruiting Processes.

Our E-Recruiting enables your Business to work with partners and gain Gaps in Skills that your Workforce needs. You will benefit from Quickly Screening and selecting a large number of Applicants as well as organizing Solicitations and monitor the effectiveness of your Establishment. Accelerate and streamline our recruiting processes with a comprehensive strategy and we will help and enable your company to build up and draw from the best-qualified Talents.